Sunday, November 7, 2010

More about us....

we are a fun loving trio that live and breathe fashion and everything to do with it. What we enjoy most is bloggig, catching up with all forms of print and online media to remain informed  about all issues concerning the world of fashion. Our interests include attending any event or function where we get to be exposed to a wider crowd, who have their own new and interesting takes on fashion, music and any subculture that either has to do with or influences fashion and collaborates with it in any aspect...wre pro-eco friendly fashion and all things nice, pretty, funky and quirky enough to grab our attension,so we can bring it to you. We also hope to grow into a fun and lavishly informative blogger that will, in future become a highly influential one on the online fashion scene, with the help of our followers....Sooo expect only the most interesting, unheard of and latest in fashion and with that said...happy bloggimg faceless lovers!!!

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