Friday, October 29, 2010

Calvin Klein's Collection Review s/s 2011 *love*love*love**

Calvin Klein

Francisco Costa dressed the runway with sophisticated minimalism, ultra chic finishes that removed all things superfluous, colour pallets that ranged from rich ivories, a coral piece, and deep navy, black and washed whites.
The simplicity of the collection focused on the sensuality of featherweight fabrics, which will be needed on the daily as the sun heats up and the clouds fade away. The movement throughout the collection was ‘less-is-more’ and more so the purity of the silhouette structures revealed that this season will see the streets lose the studs, heavy belts and overly done embellishments and move towards much more serene street wear.
One can only be thankful that Francisco Costa never let go of his preference of structural minimalism, for this collection is simply the starting point for the inspiration of many other collections by other designers.

World depletion become mere backdrops. Theres something wrong with that picture!

Vogue Italia August 2010 Issue
Editorial: Water & Oil
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Model: Kristen McMenamy
Fashion Editor: Karl Templer
Hair: Orlando Pita for Orlo Salon
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Set Design: Mary Howard
Italian Vogue decided to use the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico as a location for an editorial.... hmmm.... We LOVE fashion and agree in seeing the art in all situations, but at the same time we feel there are some situations that need to be taken a little more seriously and thus depicted in a way that will make a movement towards change and improvement instead of using extreme environmental situations as a photo shoot backdrop which implies ........what exactly??
We wonder where does fashion draw the line. When is it not ok? When does creativity say sorry for maybe going further than it should?
BUT you're entitled to your own opinion about this shoot. ..Have a look:


 Now here is the saddest part about this photo shoot.... Take away the designer clothes, accessories and shoes - you have a shoot that depicts the harsh reality in its most honest form, this isn’t a pretty photo shoot, it wasn’t meant to be! But it was meant to sell have them noticed..... imagine the impact this photo shoot could have had, in the attempt to show those willing to see, how the world is slowly dying away because of us, and how it will continue to do so until we make a change....And if we don’t does that mean we pave the way for shallow creativity to use our destruction as nothing more than fashion photo shoot backdrops?
This is where the line should be drawn. Enough said.