Sunday, November 7, 2010

Patrick Demachelier for French Vogue: October 2007

The reason I find this image inspiring is because of how the black and white give the image depth and texture in terms of contrast. Like most of Patrick's work,the composition and placement of elements also contrasts each other with the shape of the cow against the structured geometric structure of the models garment also help carry the theme through. The garden creates a very textured background for the model and her garment.

Inspiration from Patrick Demarchelier

Where does the strength of a women lie? Is it in her heart, her body her honesty?? This work of photography indicates that a woman can hold herself up, and in this demanding industry, a woman needs to know that no matter what she can hold her ground. that is why this photo inspires us, it makes us feel that we can hang on no matter the exposure levels we might face.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Street Fashion Photographs

Spring's flirtatious floral, LISOF 01/11/2010
Dirty green vintage bag

Eye catching ruffled sleeves, LISOF 28/10/2010

The bow detailed sling bag


Utility leather shorts, LISOF 05/11/2010

Heart earing

The new sailor maxi dress, Hyde Park Mall 06/11/2010

Oversized purple bag

Hippie, Hyde Park Mall 06/11/2010

Brown bag with weave detail